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Sunday , June , 04 2023


Associations, Member Organizations and Faith-Based Institutions


"Without a Vision a people [is] made naked."

Proverbs 29:18 (YLT)

Consulting for Non-Profits
  • Clarify Organizational Mission

Tutti Vivo can help your organization define its mission, vision and values using the EYE process. While many groups have vital missions, the language of their official statements are out of date. Other groups have undergone major change, mergers or downsizing and now should re-vision their purpose.

  • Improve Public and Internal Communication

Your organization's public image is greatly demonstrated through your website. In today's world of instant communication, constitutents expect to find the up to date information they need at their keyboard fingertips. Tutti Vivo can help you develop internet tools to easily present and update your mission-critical messsage without expensive programmers and database experts. Remote staff and organization officers can also benefit from these new, easy to use tools with a secure 'intranet' or members-only area on your website.

  • Develop Team Skills
          Do you have meetings? Are you working as a team with co-works, organizational leaders and community partners? Tutti Vivo can help your staff develop effective colaboration skills and improve meeting effectiveness. We can also help your organization in change management, merged organizations' staff blending, public speaking skills, interpersonal communication and problem solving.